Reploy is designed to help our participants do a better job of matching ‘Who they Are’ to ‘What they Do’ in all aspects of their lives.


We know that when we live our lives in alignment with our identity (personality, values, interests etc) then it dramatically increases our energy and focus.  

Our process was designed to walk people through the process of identifying, prioritizing and then closing the gap between where they are and where they would like to find that alignment.  To do that our process uses four steps to get do that. 

  • First, we help them become more clear about their core identity. In this stage, which we call ‘Orientation’ we guide our participants through a series of assessments, exercises and discussions in order to create clarity around their personality, values, key experiences and their ‘energy profile’.
  • Second, we guide them through a comprehensive ‘life review’ process.  This happens through a combination of live ‘guided conversations’ and exercises.  This process often reveals unexpected insights and priorities.  

  • Finally, We take the insights gained in steps 1 & 2 to build a tangible plan to help implement the insights gained through the program long after it’s complete.

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